Do we have an opening date for the pools?

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Do we have an opening date for the pools?

No, we don't. We need 3 things to open:

1 - Clearance from Harris County Public Health - they previously ordered all public pools closed until May 20th. Judge Hidalgo extended her order through June 10th. The Governor's order specifically allows local government flexibility over openings of pools. It's possible this date gets extended. (The State has clarified that HOA pools are public pools for the purposes of these orders)

2 - Life Guards. State Law doesn't allow our specific pools to operate without guards. We understand that hands-on life guard training is expected to resume very soon and we hope to have a sufficient number of certified guards to allow one or both pool complexes to open no later than mid-June.

3- Cleaning supplies - as you can imagine, nearly every business in the nation is ordering additional cleaning supplies. We are no different, and are patiently waiting for the additional supplies suggested by the CDC in early May.

What changes can people expect? (Please keep in mind this is very fluid)

You can expect additional signage about Covid-19, a no guest policy, capacity reductions, no furniture, no toys, no parties, no swim lessons, no water features, no slides, and no diving boards, no water fountain, and limited or no restroom access. These rules were developed from CDC, and state and county public health officials.

I hope this covered everything you wanted to know about pools. Many HOAs have called it quits on the 2020 swim season (I believe our pool vendor said close to 1/3 of their HOAs have canceled). The parks departments of the cities of Houston and Humble have cancelled their summer 2020 pool seasons completely. Lastly, I know how important the community pools are to you and your family; hopefully we can get them opened soon!

Thank you,

Ben Murray, ASCIA Board President.